HPE monitoring tools and reports

Sigma Research is a partner in HIV Prevention England (HPE), the new national HIV prevention programme for African migrants and gay men and other men that have sex with men. Our role is to co-ordinate the monitoring of all direct contact interventions delivered across England from October 2012 to March 2015.

We have developed and refined an online reporting system which is available online at www.HPEmonitoring.org.uk. At the end of each quarter, all data will be compiled and fed back to the HPE partnership and its funders, and at the end of each financial year a summary report for the year will be released. All HPE monitoring reports will be available to download here.

HPE monitoring reports

HPE monitoring Q1 Q2 & Q3 consolidated report (April - December 2014)

HPE monitoring Q2 report (July - September 2014)

HPE monitoring Q1 report (April - June 2014)

HPE monitoring 2013-14 (whole year report) - Final report of 21st August 2014

HPE monitoring Q3 report (October - December 2013)

HPE monitoring Q2 report (July - September 2013)

HPE monitoring Q1 report (April - June 2013)

Monitoring crib sheets

Find below paper versions (crib sheets) of the HPE required monitoring data for 2014-15. These paper versions are intended to help Local Delivery Partners (LDPs) record interventions as they occur. The paper versions are for agencies own reference and should never be returned to Sigma Research.

1-2-1 information and advice

Group information and advice

Motivational interviewing

1-2-1 therapeutic change / counselling

Group therapeutic change

Rapid community HIV testing

Home sampling for HIV testing

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