KWP in practice is for people who have influence over the HIV prevention needs of African people in England. This fully integrated and interactive website combines and updates two printed documents, The knowledge, the will and the power, and the African HIV prevention handbook, which were developed by Sigma Research for the National African HIV Prevention Programme (NAHIP), which is funded by the Department of Health, and managed by the African Health Policy Network (AHPN). The documents were developed in collaboration with NAHIP contracted agencies, and are a clear articulation of our vision and our goals. Many sections of this website were updated in light of developments in policy and evidence since the documents were originally written, so this site is now the most up-to-date version of the planning framework for NAHIP.

This site also signposts relevant findings from the Bass Line community-based surveys undertaken in 2007 and 2008-09 by Sigma Research for NAHIP, as they provide a significant body of evidence regarding the HIV prevention needs of African people in England.

Whether your came to this site because you provide funding for HIV prevention interventions for African people, or because you plan or deliver them, we believe that its modular, practical, toolkit approach will have something to offer you.

This website was designed and built by Clifford Singer at Sparkloop.


The Knowledge, The Will and The Power was researched, developed and written by Catherine Dodds, Ford Hickson, Martha Chinouya, Jabulani Chwaula and Peter Weatherburn.

The Handbook was researched, developed and written by Catherine Dodds, Peter Weatherburn, John Owuor, Kolade Daodu and Edna Soomre.

Many individuals within and outside of NAHIP commented on and contributed to these documents at all stages of their development. We are indebted to the following individuals who participated in interviews, group discussions, offered feedback and gave guidance on the documents (affiliations are those at the time of contribution):

  • Godwin Yomi Adegbite (Terrence Higgins Trust)
  • Adebisi Ademola (Naz Project London)
  • Anna Aguma (Health First)
  • Mesfin Ali (Embrace UK, formerly ECCUK)
  • Allan Anderson (Positively UK)
  • Eddy Aroda (Youth Projects International)
  • Yusef Azad (National AIDS Trust)
  • Robert Berkeley (Black Gay Men's Advisory Group)
  • Thomas Bubi Mukambilwa (African Support and Project Centre)
  • Georgina Caswell (African HIV Policy Network)
  • Maria Chimpolo (Lusoginal)
  • Jabulani Chwaula (African HIV Policy Network)
  • Toju Cline‑Cole (The Crescent)
  • Maurice Cunningham (MDC Training & Consultancy)
  • Robbie Currie (Department of Health)
  • Kolade Daodu (The Crescent)
  • Valerie Delpech (Health Protection Agency)
  • Paul Dobbs (Terrence Higgins Trust)
  • Ibidun Fakoya (University College London)
  • Celia Fisher (Leicestershire AIDS Support Services)
  • Walter Gillgower (African HIV Policy Network)
  • Robert Goodwin (Department of Health)
  • Alain Ikete (Community of Congolese Refugees in Great Britain)
  • Sukainah Jauhar (Lambeth PCT)
  • Linda Johnson‑Laird (Department of Health)
  • Amdani Juma (African Institute for Social Development)
  • Fred Kamugwiina (Organisation of Positive African Men)
  • Mary Lima (Terrence Higgins Trust)
  • Maria Loizou (Health First)
  • Edward Lubega (UAAF)
  • Taiwo Makanjuola (African HIV Policy Network)
  • Simon Mwandepole (Uganda AIDS Action Fund)
  • David Musendo (London Ecumenical AIDS Trust)
  • Julian Mushayi (Black Health Agency)
  • Tina Murphy (Health Action Charity Organisation)
  • Joe Murray (National AIDS Trust)
  • Jane Nake (African HIV Policy Network)
  • John Nakuti (Pan‑Afrique Community Centre)
  • Syson Namaganda (Black Health Agency)
  • Angelina Namiba (Positively UK)
  • Peter Nieuwets (West Sussex PCT)
  • Chinelo Njaka (Terrence Higgins Trust)
  • Will Nutland (Terrence Higgins Trust)
  • Dorothy Nyapendi (African HIV Policy Network)
  • Kay Orton (Department of Health)
  • Gertrude Othieno (African Culture Promotion)
  • Wa Gamoka Pambu (Community of Congolese Refugees in Great Britain)
  • Stephen Penrose (London Ecumenical AIDS Trust)
  • Elias Phiri (Terrence Higgins Trust)
  • Fletcher Phiri (Naz Project London)
  • Krishna Regmi (National Institute for African Studies)
  • Juliet Reid (Centre for African Families Positive Health)
  • Rhon Reynolds (African HIV Policy Network)
  • Sam Robbin‑Coker (West African Network Initiative)
  • Margareth Rungarara (Naz Project London)
  • Parminder Sekhon (Naz Project London)
  • Sara Shokai (Leeds Skyline Services)
  • Ted Taziveyi (Terrence Higgins Trust)
  • Cheikh Traore (Greater London Authority)
  • Tamala Weeks (African HIV Policy Network)
  • Dele Williams (National Institute of African Studies)
  • Bisrat Yigletu (Naz Project London)
  • Mao Zakuani (Congolese Youth Association)